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A Breakthrough Technology

The Essure procedure is performed by a trained gynecologist. A soft, flexible micro-insert is placed into each fallopian tube through your body's natural pathways.

The total procedure takes about 35 minutes, with only 15 minutes required to place the micro-inserts into the fallopian tubes. Most women were able to leave the facility 45 minutes after the procedure.

92% of working women resumed work in 24 hours or less after the day of the procedure. In fact, many women resumed normal physical activities the same day they had the procedure.

Essure Works With Your Body

Unlike tubal ligation (having your tubes tied) or vasectomy, the Essure procedure does not require incisions or punctures to the body and there is no cutting, clipping, suturing, or burning of tubes.

During the three months after the procedure, your body and the micro-insert work together to form a tissue barrier that prevents sperm from reaching the egg. The micro-inserts do not contain or release hormones and are made with the same materials used in medical products for many years. These materials have been used in blood vessel grafts, heart valve replacements, and abdominal repair.

Safety and Effectiveness

The Essure procedure has undergone significant clinical testing in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Data from clinical testing show that Essure was 99.80% effective in preventing pregnancy after three years of follow-up. The Essure Procedure: Key Risks and Considerations

As with all medical procedures, Essure may not be suitable for all women and there are risks associated with Essure. The following are the key risks associated with Essure:

  • The procedure should be considered irreversible
  • Like all methods of birth control, the Essure procedure should not be considered 100% effective
  • Not all women who undergo the procedure will achieve successful placement of both micro-inserts
  • You must use another method of birth control for at least three months after the procedure
  • The Essure procedure is newer than other procedures
  • Removal of the Essure micro-inserts would require surgery

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Additional information about the Essure procedure is available at or by calling the Essure Information line at 1-877-ESSURE1.