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Patient Forms

For the convenience and privacy of our patients, MyOBGYN has made several of our most common patient forms available for download. If at all possible, please download and complete these forms in the comfort and privacy of your home prior to your appointment, and then bring them with you to your visit.

Your Health

MyOBGYN believes that the following suggestions would greatly improve our patients' overall health and quality of life. If you have any questions regarding any of the suggestions, please contact us.

  • Start a healthy eating program in your home,
  • Start a daily exercise activity such as walking, jogging, or biking,
  • Dust off your exercise bike or treadmill and start again slowly,
  • Stop smoking, limit alcohol use,
  • Start taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement,
  • Use a calcium supplement (Tums works well)
  • Make a better shopping list and improve the health of your household,
  • Use sunscreen, avoid skin damage,
  • Increase your dietary fiber and fluid ,
  • Get enough sleep! Decaffeinate!
  • Weight loss is accomplished through sustainable changes, not short-term diets,
  • If you have a medical problem, read about it and learn how the treatment helps,
  • Keep track of your periods and of any cycle-related symptoms,
  • Take medications as directed,
  • Keep a gallon of water jug in the refrigerator,
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, have some cut up and ready to eat everyday,
  • And finally: Watch less TV, read more books about healthy eating, exercise, parenting, meditation, about your type of work, about our history, about our future, read to your kids, read for fun. This is exercise for your brain. Find the positives outlook in all situations. Be on guard while surfing the internet for medical education. Few messages are checked for accuracy and many are untrue, inaccurate and self-serving.

Health Links

Below are useful links to web sites containing information believed to be accurate sources of information on the subject of women's health: