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Our special approach to surgery is well planned and patient centered. The process begins with the proper diagnosis. This requires both clinical skills, and imaging excellence.

We maintain the latest equipment for our in-office colposcopy, hysteroscopy and advanced ultrasound imaging techniques. We perform saline enhanced imaging, which unveils incredible detail of the inner uterine surface. Next, the patient's goals must be identified. Her specific needs are understood before we begin to present the surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Patient education is pivotal in the decision process; we use diagrams, patient handouts and good old-fashioned plain talk. Once the patient is comfortable with her decision, the preparation for surgery begins. She is given specific nutritional and medication instructions. We use this opportunity to encourage healthy habits such as weight loss and smoking cessation.

The surgical coordinator takes care of contacting the hospital, and the insurance company. A final pre-operative consultation or exam is planned and the patient is ready for surgery.

Our operative techniques continue to evolve daily. New operative methods, equipment and pain management modalities are incorporated into our procedures. Our patient satisfaction is extremely high. A frequent comment from our patients and their families centers upon our ability to make a major operation feel as though it was a minor outpatient procedure.

Minimally invasive surgical techniques, preoperative medical and nutritional treatments and keeping up with the latest operative trends contribute to our success. When complicated procedures are anticipated plans are made for intra-operative consultation with excellent board certified gynecologic oncologists, bowel and breast surgeons, and urologists when needed. We have built a strong working relationship with these specialists and often schedule procedures together. Even a large fibroid uterus or ovarian tumor may be approached in a minimally invasive manner.

A growing number of patients are requesting and meeting the criteria to go home the same day as surgery. Most hysterectomy patients go home the next day. Today patients have more choices than ever. Knowing all of the alternatives to surgery is as important as knowing all of the operations that can be offered. We strive to understand each patient's medical condition, how it affects her life, and what her needs and treatment goals are. In this fast-paced world, we cannot lose sight of the fact that individual patients need individualized care. We are prepared to meet that challenge.